Negotiating for Success II

Length:  One-day

Prerequisite: Negotiating for Success I

Who should take this course?

Anyone who has successfully completed Negotiating for Success I:

  • Sales (inside and outside)
  • Purchasing, Procurement, and Logistics
  • Collections
  • M&A
  • Project Management
  • Any employee looking to improve their "life skills"

Workshop Overview

Negotiating for Success II builds on the original Negotiating for Success I workshop and incorporates several new concepts, as well as a more in-depth look at several key issues. The NFS II workshop spends more time around the importance of planning.  This includes a facilitator-led planning session around the workshop’s more in-depth and complex role-play.  This role-play, a two-on-two format, requires attendee “pre-work” as well as a concerted team effort.  Key topics covered include:

  • Planning
  • Body Language
  • Environment
  • Pre-defined Roles
  • Probing Questions
  • Planned Openings and Closings

This negotiation training workshop requires attendees to participate in a significant amount of role-playing to raise their awareness of their own preconceptions and tendencies, all within a positive and safe learning environment.  Along with ensuring negotiations skills practice, attendees also receive immediate feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions on improving their skills.

Workshop Materials

  • Interactive workbook
  • Negotiation role-playing cases
  • Detailed negotiation planning forms and checklist
  • Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing – boosts attendee morale
  • Various supplementary handouts

Customized Training

Your negotiation training workshop is customized specifically for your company or organization and delivered at your site.  The customized cases will instruct your personnel on how to negotiate win-win outcomes, including the use of terms and conditions, to directly impact your company’s bottom line.  We use only experienced contract negotiators, not professional “presenters”.