Keynotes and Conference Speaking

TableForce partners have become highly sought after keynote speakers.  Their emotionally charged motivational talks quickly and deeply impact audiences with a very simple message, “Raise the Bar”.  Attendees are left with some solid learning “nuggets” which help them set higher expectations, not only in their work lives, but their personal lives as well.

In keeping with our core competency we wrap our keynote speeches around the subject of negotiation.  Whether negotiating with yourself (to get up and get started), your co-workers (we’re all in this together) or your external partners, customers and suppliers (I’ll do that for you IF you do this for me); we make sure to include everyone in the room during our presentations.  “No sleeping allowed”, comes to mind.

“Having attended Bill’s keynote address at the Retail Solutions Providers Conference in Aruba, and subsequently having hired Bill to as a Keynote Speaker for one of our own conferences, I can assure anyone considering the investment that their audience and constituents will NOT be disappointed.”  Albert Gufanti, Publisher VSR Magazine.

"For our Executive Leadership Summit, we were looking for a keynote speaker who could bring compelling content and 'raise the bar.' Our audience, comprised of seasoned business people, needed actionable take-aways. I'm pleased to say the results exceeded our expectations. Not only was Bill engaging and entertaining, but he hit the mark with our audience. Each attendee walked away with some valuable negotiation tools that they could put to use immediately at work or in their personal lives. If you're looking for a keynote speaker, Garcia is a sure bet. He's low risk and high reward." Lauren Stark, Education Manager, Retail Solutions Providers Association

The feedback we receive, coupled with repeat business, confirm that our talks are always "Best of Show"!

TableForce – the risk-free Keynote!